Rhonda Marstin: Sharing the Love of God

From the mid-September 2018 E-News. 

Rhonda Marstin, Children’s Missions Consultant, WMUV

I was blessed to represent WMUV on two separate mission trips this summer.  I traveled to Bucharest, Romania with the student missions’ team and I went to the Eastern Shore with the Abigail Girls to work in the Migrant Ministry with Marisa Sanchez.

In Romania, we had opportunity to work with children at a public school.  We were making beaded necklaces with the young ladies. Nadia completed her necklace, and I asked if I could take her picture.  She said, “No, no pictures.”  I respectfully put my camera down and just continued in conversation.

She eventually told me that she didn’t want any pictures taken because she was not beautiful.  This young woman with her dark hair, dark complexion and dark eyes is such a beautiful creation of our Lord, yet, she did not see herself that way.  She even referred to herself as ugly.  It broke my heart.  Later, she agreed to a “selfie” with me.

On the Eastern Shore, we were touring the summer school for the migrant children.

We happened to meet Emir in the hallway.  Marisa knew that it was Emir’s birthday and she introduced Emir to the Abigail Girls.  They sang “Happy Birthday” to Emir and wished him a good day.  Marisa told us that Emir is a very quiet young man and had just made a friend the previous week.  We asked if we could go visit him.  The girls wanted to get him a birthday gift and make him birthday cards.

That evening we went to Emir’s house and was greeted warmly by his mom and his siblings.  They were celebrating his birthday.  The girls were excited to give Emir his gift and cards.  His mother had him read every card!  Then Emir opened his gift of a soccer ball.  He was delighted and the girls were thrilled.  In just a few minutes all the kids were playing soccer.  As we were leaving, Emir came running over to our van to ask if the girls could come back tomorrow and play.  Emir now has 7 friends!

Missions is about meeting people where they are and showing them the love of God.

Sometimes it’s through a craft and a conversation, and sometimes it’s through a soccer ball and a birthday song that we share the love of God.

Thanks for allowing me to be part of the work of WMUV.  It is an honor to serve with you.