Message from Valerie Carter Smith


  1. Thank you so much for your sweet message, it has blessed my day. Praise God my husband and i are well and more than blessed. May our Lord be with you and keep you and your family well. I thank you again for your words of wisdom that come straight from God’s Word.

  2. Annette Greenwood

    Thank you Valerie for taking of your time to share with us, to give us encouragement and to love us. I will bringing masks to drop off this week. Stay well and God bless you as you serve Virginia and our WOMEN on MISSION. Serving alongside, Annette

  3. Amen Sister Valerie!!! Thank you for encouragement. Faith over Fear! Stay safe. Love y’all.

  4. What excellent presentations. Very professional, yet very personal. I was touched deeply as I know many others are or will be. Thanks, and blessings to each of you in the videos. When this virus is conquered, I hope to have the domestic violence team come to my church. I love you all and miss you all, Pat

  5. Great message, Valerie. We have this scripture on the wall of our SS class. It is especially important in these days when our “sight” of each other is so limited. But our “sight” of the Lord is ever before us. Prayers for you and all our friends in the WMUV office.

  6. I have tried to contact you about the fabric masks and have had no luck.