Preschoolers care about others – Mission learning can begin with the very first steps of life. Young children can learn about God’s love and understand ways they can help others through age appropriate mission learning experiences, mission stories and fun!

Using sensory experiences and creative learning activities,  preschoolers  learn about the natural world, God’s love, and sharing with others.

Opportunities to Engage

Follow Molly as she goes on a mission adventure! Molly is learning about missions as she goes with  church missions teams when they take mission trips to help others. Come along with Molly as she discovers where the teams are going and what they are doing. Molly invites you along on her mission adventure!

Order Molly’s Adventures in Mission at the WMU Store.

Check out Molly’s Mission Forum.

Molly’s on Facebook! See Friends of Molly Missions.

Related Resources

START – Provides teaching plans for each age level of Mission Friends. Each unit presents developmentally appropriate activities to help lead preschoolers into an awareness of missions. (quarterly)

SHARE – This magazine consists of take-home activity leaflets for all Mission Friends. Includes songs, games activities, and a note to parents. One subscriptions provides leaflets for 10 children. (quarterly)

START PICTURE SET – Pictures are included in each unit to supplement Start. (quarterly)

START RESOURCE KIT – Games, songs, teaching pictures, and more. (quarterly)

FIRST STEPS IN MISSIONS – Full of creative missions activities including reproducible pages and bulleting board ideas, these resources are great for those who work with preschoolers. This book can be used by itself, or as a supplement to Start. (yearly)

PDF FLYER: Preschool Missions Education Information

Some more resources are:

Consultation is available about starting missions education for preschoolers, discussing needs regarding your missions program, and accessing available resources.

Contact the WMUV office at 804-915-5000, ext. 8267 with any related questions or requests.