High Schoolers

Students in Virginia have opportunities through WMUV to grow in their faith, connect with other students, develop as leaders, and build a missional lifestyle. Let us help you reach your students with the love of Jesus, help them discover their God-given gifts, and encourage them to join Jesus Christ where He is at work in the world.

Opportunities to Engage

Through WMUV and CrossRoads, there are many ways to encourage missional living among students.  Where do you fit?  How can we help you live out the call to love God and love others?

Upcoming Events

Save the Date for these exciting events below – designed for students!

These are great ways for students to connect with God, with each other, and with new opportunities to serve God. We hope to see you there!

Related Resources

Continue helping students grow in their faith and learn about God’s purpose for their lives through these resources.

  • Acteens – an all-girls mission education group
  • Youth on Mission – a co-ed mission education group
  • Challengers – an all-boys mission education group
  • Mission Quest – an individual achievement plan for students
  • Ignite – mission education curriculum for students
  • Updraft Leader Guide – a step-by-step guide for those wanting short-term mission trips to result in long-term transformation in their students

Consider the impact you can have by helping students build on their understanding of God and join Jesus Christ where he is at work in the world!

For more information on student missions opportunities, contact Emily Lucas at 804.915.5000, ext. 8267, or elucas@wmuv.org.