Local Community

“Community Transformation” is the name given to an extraordinary move of God that addresses physical and spiritual needs, one which goes beyond the renewal of individuals or churches, but to the point where entire towns, cities and even regions experience renewal.

It is about changing lives.

It is about making a difference in the name of Jesus Christ.

It is about being a “change agent” through WMUV initiatives and partnerships to renew, revive and transform lives.

  • Christian Women’s Job Corps (CWJC) which help women break out of the poverty cycle through one-on-one relationships, Bible studies and job skills training.
  • Hunger Initiatives that seek to create a sustainable difference and systemic change to the hunger pandemic in Virginia and beyond.
  • Literacy Initiatives (BookNet and ESL Training) help to change a person’s life through reading and education.
  • Hands of Hope – Partnering with Chaplains employed through Chaplain Service of the Churches of Virginia, we reach out to incarcerated women through Bible studies, small group discussion, and donations of approved items.
  • EMBRACE Richmond – helps prevent homelessness in Metro Richmond by engaging people of faith in relational urban ministry.
  • B.E.T.H.E.L Ministries: Fresh Start is a community outreach mission project which provides education physically, emotionally and spiritually to single mothers and their children.

Join God where he is at work in your community and become an agent of Transformation!