Standing Rock

standingrocklogosmall-gifThe mission partnership that started in 2009 between WMUV, RVBA, and Pastor Boots Marsh of the Standing Rock Reservation has truly been a hand-in-hand, heart-to-heart effort to bring hope to Native Americans living in the Dakotas. Since 2004, an increasing number of Roanoke volunteers have developed relationships on the Reservation under the leadership of Bob Hetherington, Director of Missions for Roanoke. Through WMUV’s network, the efforts doubled as volunteers from churches across Virginia increased the number of hands to minister to the Sioux Indians.

Standing Rock Reservation covers an area about the size of Connecticut on the border of North and South Dakota. The reservation is home to about 8,500 people who struggle with the issues of unemployment, alcoholism, poverty and domestic violence. Desolate land and extreme weather conditions make this area a difficult place to live and work.

2021 Dates:

February 27, 2021

  • 9:00am – 12:00pm: New Volunteer & Orientation, BGAV Building, 2828 Emerywood Parkway, Richmond
  • 1:00pm – 4:00pm: Site Leader Meeting, BGAV Building, Richmond

April 17, 2021

  • 9:00am – 12:00pm: New Volunteer & Orientation, BGAV Building, 2828 Emerywood Parkway, Richmond
  • 1:00pm – 4:00pm: All Volunteer Training and site meetings, BGAV Building, Richmond

WMUV Week – July 25-30, 2021

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Important Info:

Other Information & Forms:

  • WMUV and our partners at Standing Rock discussed sewing projects for 2021 and decided that we will not have a sewing project this year.  Our main goal for the sewing project is for it to be beneficial for the Standing Rock community and be cost effective for the sewers.  Currently there is not a sewing project that meets this criterion for 2020. WMUV and our partners at Standing Rock will discuss possible sewing projects and will make a decision based on this criterion every year. Many of the community sites provide sewing machines and material for community sewing projects during WMUV week at Standing Rock.  An alternative to doing a sewing project this year is to provide material to send with teams for the sewing projects that are taught during WMUV week.  This material could be delivered by April 18 , 2020 for distribution to teams at the all-volunteer meeting.
  • Travel Insurance Enrollment Form
  • Background Check Information
  • Prayer Cards

Items to collect for 2021

How can you join WMUV hand-in-hand and heart-to-and heart-as we minister to our Native American friends in Standing Rock? (Please deliver to WMUV office between June 1 and July 10)

  • Athletic style shoes for boys and girls and teens.
  • Underwear for girls and boys – girls like the pretty and bright colored panties. Boys really like boxers.
  • Socks for the children and teens. Girls like the bright colored ones – no show and low cut. Boys like the dark colored ones – no show and low cut. No white ones.
  • Prizes for games – balls, match box cars, small stuffed animals.
  • Walmart gift cards – $25

How can you join WMUV hand-in-hand and heart-to-heart as we minister to our Native American friends in Standing Rock? The following ideas are opportunities to form mission teams to minister and develop ongoing relationships on the Reservation.

Kids Club: A VBS-type experience involves crafts, games, music, and Bible lessons, sewing and woodworking skills. A feeding ministry provides dinner for the children and their families.  Booknet project is a great way to connect with children by reading a story and providing a book for them to take with them.

Travel Team: A travel team visits each community during WMUV week to disperse donated items such as tennis shoes, socks, and underwear.  The travel team provides a carnival that includes fun games and prizes, a bouncy house, popcorn, and snow cones for the children.

Medical: Teams provide blood pressure and blood sugar checks, and vision checks during the Travel Team carnival. Reading glasses and educational materials are also distributed along with hygiene kits.

Family Portraits: Team takes family portraits and gives framed copies to each family with a Scripture verse on the back during the Travel team carnival.

Adult Crafts: Skills, along with Bible lessons, are shared among adults including sewing, quilting, jewelry making, and woodworking. The hope is that women and men will be able to use these skills to provide income for their families.

Construction: Teams make both large and small improvements to existing church buildings in Cannon Ball and possibly other community sites (i.e., new doors, handicap ramp, adding an addition onto the building, flooring, roofing, painting, hanging wallboard). Teams may also be able to do grounds work such as landscaping and small repairs to kitchen appliances in community buildings and churches. Teams may receive approval from tribal council to make repairs to property owned by the tribe such as painting rooms in the community centers.

Holiday Helpers: Assist the pastor in providing meals and activities during the holidays in October, November, and December.

Teen Club: Engage teenagers in age appropriate activities, such as guitar lessons, dance lessons, exercise, manicure/pedicure, etc.

Community Gardens: Teams would teach children and adults about container gardening and get them started in the spring. Other teams could follow up with cooking and preparing the produce. Teams could also develop community garden projects with residents.

Summer School: Educators  assist with community school’s summer school program.