Standing Rock

standingrocklogosmall-gifThe mission partnership that started in 2009 between WMUV, RVBA, and Pastor Boots Marsh of the Standing Rock Reservation has truly been a hand-in-hand, heart-to-heart effort to bring hope to Native Americans living in the Dakotas. Since 2004, an increasing number of Roanoke volunteers have developed relationships on the Reservation under the leadership of Bob Hetherington, Director of Missions for Roanoke. Through WMUV’s network, the efforts doubled as volunteers from churches across Virginia increased the number of hands to minister to the Sioux Indians.

Standing Rock Reservation covers an area about the size of Connecticut on the border of North and South Dakota. The reservation is home to about 8,500 people who struggle with the issues of unemployment, alcoholism, poverty and domestic violence. Desolate land and extreme weather conditions make this area a difficult place to live and work.

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