Do you ever wonder if kids are too young to make a difference in the world?

Think again!

WMUV provides numerous opportunities for children to learn about missions, including groups specifically for girls (GAs – Girls in Action) and groups specificially for boys (RAs – Royal Ambassadors), and coed groups (CIA – Children in Action).

God has used WMU to help millions of girls and boys to make a difference the world. His mission is too important to let your kids miss out.


Related Resources

Check out some recommended children’s books for use in your ministry. A compilation of books specifically about children and bullying may also be useful.

Discover missions resources and ideas for children and their families atwww.childrensmissions.com, WMU’s missions education organization for boys and girls in grades one through six.

Visit www.gapassport.com to learn about Girls in Action, WMU’s missions education organization for girls in grades one through six.

Additionally, check out even more resources:

For more information or training on beginning a GA/Children on Mission group, contact Rhonda Marstin at 804.915.5000, ext. 8267 or rmarstin@wmuv.org