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The Bible speaks about the importance of educating boys about God’s Word and modeling how to serve. “Train a child in the way he should go. When he is old, he will not turn away from it” (Proverbs 22:6 NIrV). Missions-minded Christian men serve as a living library of knowledge and as role models for boys to see what it means to grow in a relationship with Christ. RAs offer men the opportunity to spend time with their chapter members sharing God’s Word and modeling how to serve Christ. A wise leader will take time to learn how to work with boys and plan activities that will challenge them mentally, physically, and spiritually. Many RA leaders have had the opportunity to witness their members develop into mature young men who are serving Christ in a variety of ways. (from WMU.com)

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————————————————————————————————————————————–State RA Racer Day at CrossRoads Camp_Page_1

 Trophies were presented to the following:

1st place – Colten Gilmer, Nickelsville
2nd place – Mason Counts, Nickelsville
3rd place – Devin Perdue, Bonsack


1st place – Matthew Moore, Nickelsville – Also broke track record with his car going 223.6 mph
2nd place – Evan Garst, Bonsack
3rd place – Mason Kienzler, Oakland
4th place – Ethan Davidson, Clifford


1st place – Patrick Simons, Oakland
2nd place – Chris Grimes, Oakland


1st place – Rodney Garst, Bonsack
2nd place – Pop White, Oakland
3rd place – Mark Kiensler, Oakland

Grand Champion Race (for bragging rights)
1st place – Matthew Moore, Nickelsville
2nd place – Rodney Garst, Bonsack
3rd Place – Evan Garst, Bonsack
4th place – Pop White, Oakland

Save the date on your calendar: October 10-12, 2014
Father-Son Challenge Event
CrossRoads Camp & Conference Center




What a wonderful day we had at Oakland Baptist Church in Disputana for RA Racer day. About 27 boys (Lads, Crusaders, and Challengers) raced their cars today representing about 5 churches. It was great to see the good sportsmanship and fellowship among all the children. What an amazing track they had that was connected to a computer and timer… It was fun to hear stories about how it was done in years past… cameras, digital cameras, … It was amazing! Lads had 24 heats, Crusaders 20 heats, Challengers and Counselors 8 heats.

A special “thank you” to Donald White for organizing this year’s event!!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1s06pe4jEzU]

Finalists in their Division

1. Keaton Lucas – Bonsack
2. Ethan Thomas – Crewe
3. Luck Skinner – Smithfield
1. Evan Garst – Bonsack **
2. Jack Reed – Crewe
3. Mason Kienzler – Oakland
1. Logan Dietz – Oakland
2. Patrick Simons – Oakland
3. Garrett Holt – Oakland
** – New track record

Be looking for details on next year’s event!

If you want to check out the latest materials, the new national websites are: www.wmu.com/RA and www.wmu.com/Challengers.


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